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Flood Cleaning Equipment

Full Face Respirator


Room Size Fogger


ZipWall Containment Kit



When cleaning a flooded property use the Safe Effective Enzyme Cleaner... ZymeAway.  

We specialize in cleaning supplies, drying equipment, personal protective equipment and much more to keep you safe.  Basement cleaning, carpet cleaning, damaged item cleaning and much more.  

We provide personalized phone and email support to answer all your cleaning questions.

Cleaning Bathtub & Shower Tile & Grout


Photo A:

  • ZymeAway Concentrate Pint Bottle
  • Quart Spray Bottle With Water
  • Add 1/2 Ounce of Concentrate into Quart Spray Bottle

Photo B:

  • Grout Cleaning Brush
  • Baking Soda
  • Green Scouring Pad

Photo C:

  • Pour Baking Soda into Dish or Saucer 
  • Spray ZymeAway Mixture onto Baking Soda and Make a Paste Like Consistency
  • Dip Grout Brush into ZymeAway Baking Soda Mixture and Begin Scrubbing Dirty Grout Locations.

NOTE:  The cleaning process is:  (1) Mix ZymeAway at 2oz of Concentrate into each Gallon of Water needed... or, 1/2 Ounce into a Quart Spray Bottle.  


  1. Spray ZymeAway Over Target Cleaning Area
  2. Dip Grout Brush into Paste Mixture of Baking Soda and ZymeAway.
  3. Scrub Grout Location and Spray additional ZymeAway while Scrubbing to add more enzymes into the cleaning process.
  4. Rinse off and repeat if needed.

NOTE:  If the mold stain has not completely cleaned away try repeating this process again.  MOLD STAIN IS NOT MOLD.  Mold excretes its own enzyme in order to break down its food source (any organic matter including dust).  Our enzymes may not completely remove the enzyme mold stain.  If this is the case, then we recommend either purchasing a small hand-held portable streamer or renting one from your local rental store... and steam clean away the remaining mold stain on the grout.  

If you need further assistance, please use our "Contact Us" form below and we'll be happy to assist you.  

Thank you from the ZymeAway Team!!


Hand-Held Steamer for Grout and Household Cleaning

BISSELL Hand-Held Steamer


 Steam Shot - Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

  • Includes fabric steaming tool
  • Perfect for hard to reach places
  • Powerful high pressure steam cleaning with Steam on Demand Trigger

BISSELL Hand-Held Steamer


  Steam Shot - Hard Surface Steam Cleaner Clean and sanitize when used as directed in one easy step.   Steam is an all-natural cleaner that can sanitize when used as directed, clear sticky spots and eliminate dirt–all without the use of harsh chemicals. 

BISSELL Hand-Held Steamer


  Steam Shot - Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

  Steam cleaners don’t just remove left-behind dirt and residue; they eliminate many germs and bacteria when used as directed. 

BISSELL Hand-Held Steamer


  Steam Shot - Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

 From showers and appliances to counters and floors, there isn’t a surface that can’t be cleaned with steam. 

BISSELL Hand-Held Steamer


  Steam Shot - Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

 Powerful high pressure steam cleaning with Steam on Demand Trigger 100% chemical free Includes fabric steaming tool 

BISSELL Hand-Held Steamer


  Steam Shot - Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

 They’re easy to use and heat up in about 30 seconds.  Filler cup measure exact amount needed to fill when empty.

How to clean flood damaged items

ZymeAway is the safest and most effective cleaning solution you can use to clean flood damaged items.  Been successfully used for flood cleaning since hurricane Katrina (2005-2006).

What is ZymeAway's Shelf-Life?

1.  Concentrate = 2 year shelf-life and keep stored under kitchen sink or other room temperature location and "no direct sunlight". 

2.  Mixed Solution Shelf-Life = please mix enough product to use in a 30-45 day period.  

The reason for this shortened shelf-life is because our water supply (from wells, municipal suppliers, and water utility suppliers) all have contaminants in the water.  Bacteria is the most common.

Once the water mixes with the Organic Enzymes, the enzymes immediately interact with the contaminants and over a period of time, the mixture will begin to have an offensive odor - similar to rotting apples.  The enzymes are still working very well, but the odor is what we do not like, so simply pour this mixture into your drains (this will assist in keeping the drain pipe lining free of debris)... and rinse out the bottle thoroughly and refill.  There is no way to fight against this potential from happening.  Mold and bacteria spores are in our air and water so we will always have some level of contaminants.  

NOTE:  We mix just enough solution for 30 days of general purpose cleaning... Kitchen, bathroom, carpets, cabinets, appliances etc., and rinse out our spray bottle and refill for another 30-day period.

ZymeAway Super concentrate

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