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When cleaning a flooded property use the Safe Effective Enzyme Cleaner... ZymeAway.  

We specialize in cleaning supplies, drying equipment, personal protective equipment and much more to keep you safe.  Basement cleaning, carpet cleaning, damaged item cleaning and much more.  

We provide personalized phone and email support to answer all your cleaning questions.

How to clean flood damaged items

ZymeAway is the safest and most effective cleaning solution you can use to clean flood damaged items.  Been successfully used for flood cleaning since hurricane Katrina (2005-2006).

What is ZymeAway's Shelf-Life?

1.  Concentrate = 2 year shelf-life and keep stored under kitchen sink or other room temperature location and "no direct sunlight". 

2.  Mixed Solution Shelf-Life = please mix enough product to use in a 30-45 day period.  

The reason for this shortened shelf-life is because our water supply (from wells, municipal suppliers, and water utility suppliers) all have contaminants in the water.  Bacteria is the most common.

Once the water mixes with the Organic Enzymes, the enzymes immediately interact with the contaminants and over a period of time, the mixture will begin to have an offensive odor - similar to rotting apples.  The enzymes are still working very well, but the odor is what we do not like, so simply pour this mixture into your drains (this will assist in keeping the drain pipe lining free of debris)... and rinse out the bottle thoroughly and refill.  There is no way to fight against this potential from happening.  Mold and bacteria spores are in our air and water so we will always have some level of contaminants.  

NOTE:  We mix just enough solution for 30 days of general purpose cleaning... Kitchen, bathroom, carpets, cabinets, appliances etc., and rinse out our spray bottle and refill for another 30-day period.

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We have cleaned mold, mildew and flood water damaged properties throughout the United States since 1998.

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